15.1.2012 We wish you all a heavy rocking new year!!!

14.10.2011 Next week we will play with Q-Box and From Hell at the MTC in Cologne. To order tickets please contact us.

28.5.2011 We are complete again! Please welcome Frank Rüttger on the keyboards.

11.12.2010 We are happy to inform you, that our former drummer Stefan Lötsch has rejoined the band! Still we are one keyboardplayer short.

4.10.2010 We are searching for a new keyboardplayer and a new drummer!

2.5.2010 Go to Downloads and listen to "Order Of Chaos"

6.4.2010 We finished recording and will start the mixdown at the end of the week. Stay tuned for the final result!

5.3.2010 We take the opportunity to go to a studio to record "Order OfChaos". We will upload the song soon here on our webpage.

14.11.2009 The pictures of our gig are online! Special thanks to Unki alias Jens Unkenholz: concertmoments.de!


11.10.2009 We expanded our set and can now play longer concerts again. Our next gig is in Emsdetten together with Custard. We will play at the Koje.

1.5.2009 Yeah, succesfull gig last saturday! Beuatiful weather, nice people and loud music. Just check out the pictures.
You can finally see our "New Guys". We updated all the bandpages and the fotopage. For those of you who like some nostalgia now and then we uploaded all the old bandpictures. Enjoy!

2.4.2009 Well, our first gig with our new line-up is coming up! On May 30. we will enter the Open-Air stage. We hope you will all come to rock with us!

2.1.2009 We wish you all a successfully rockin´ Year 2009!

5.12.2008 We are happy to tell you that we are complete again. Philipp Zschieschang on drums and Thomas Barz on Keyboards joined the band. We are currently rehearsing to play live again as soon as possible.

1.11.2008 Unfortunately we have to tell you that Stefan and Thomas decided to leave the band. Both have different musical and personal reasons. We want to thank them for the time they spent with us and their influence and dedication towards the band. We wish them all the best for their future.

But don´t panik, Candela is still alive and kicking. We carry on and are now testing new musicians to replace the two.

25.9.2008 Get the chance to win two tickets to our gig on October 17. at "Glashütte" in Cologne. Just subscribe to our newsletter and maybe you´ll be the lucky winner.


17.9.2008 On October the 17. we will play together with Project-Brain-Storm, Voodoma and Mondo Kane at the Glashütte in Cologne. We will be the opener, so don´t you dare to come too late!

1.5.2008 Unfortunately we have to tell you, that we cancelled our gig on 14.06.2008 at the industrie10 due to obscure circumstances regarding the organisations. But we plan some more gigs and hope you won´t have to miss us for too long. We have been busy writing new songs that are patiently waiting to be played live. See ya and stay heavy!!!

22.3.2008 In less than a week we will rock the Kulturcafe together with InVeins and Mr.Killjoy. There´s nothing on the tv anyway, so get the hell over there and enjoy a couple of hours of hard and loud music.

23.12.2007 We wish you all a merry Christmas and a successful year 2008!

1.12.2007 The winner of our CD-lottery has been drawn! We congratulate Wolfgang on his early Christmas gift! Play it loud!


12.11.2007 Everyone subscribed to our newsletter gets the chance to win our new CD "Reflect"! If you too want to participate, just subscribe to our newsletter and maybe you´ll be the lucky winner! The lottery ends on November 30. 2007. We wish all participants good luck!

30.09.07: Our new CD is on it´s way! 6 songs, playing time more than 30 minutes, high quality packaging including a booklet of 8 pages, and all you´ll have to pay is 6,- Euros! If you want to be the first to get one, order now! You can listen to edits of the songs on the downloads-site. Enjoy!

14.07.07: New quotations for you to check out. Read them up, just go to "Diverses".

02.07.07: Our new homepage is online now!

Yes, it took us a while, but all good things… take time. More information, more features. From now on you´ll find our upcoming shows directly on this page. Don´t want to miss any news? Sign up to our newsletter. You don´t have our demo CDs? Listen to all songs in full length for free! Of´course you can purchase our CDs or other items at our shop. Just check it out.

We are currently in the final stage of mixing our new demo CD. As soon as the songs are finished they will be here for you to download.

Tell us what you think. Our guestbook is there for you!