Juliane Ehl - Leadguitar

Juliane Ehl


Q: Where have you learned to play the guitar like that?
A: At home.

Q: What kind of guitar is this?
A: A Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro.

Q: The guitar doesnīt have a head!
A: Oh my God, how did this happen?!

Q: How do you tune this guitar?
A: I refuse to tune it on principle.

Q: Why do you play such an ugly guitar?
A: Thatīs because of my strange taste.

Q: Do you mind talking about your guitar the whole time?
A: We could talk about my favourite colour instead.

Q: What is your favourite colour?
A: Schaumolwhite… thatīs even whiter than white.

Q: Why is your guitar black then?
A: Well, we do play metal, right...right?

Stuff Iīm also doing:

- Iīm frantically collecting "Iron Maiden" CDs.
- Iīm a TV-Series-Junkie (no Soap-Operas!).
- I donīt drink coffee.
- I teach playing the guitar and bass and play bass guitar in this band: