Current Line-up:

Vocals: Christian Kulike
Lead- and Rhythm Guitar: Juliane Ehl
Rhythm Guitar: Uwe Giesa
Bass Guitar: Michael Siegmund
Drums: Edgar Prochnow



Candela are founded by Michael Siegmund (bass) and Uwe Giesa (rhythm guitar); the first songs are written.

October 2001:
Stefan Lötsch (drums) joins the band.

March 2002:
Juliane Ehl (lead & rhythm guitar) joins the band; excessive search for a singer seems to lead nowhere.

Mai 2002:
Scotty is supposed to be the perfect choice for the singer, but he leaves the band two days prior to their first gig in November - no one really gets why.

March 2003:
The band finds Pedro Fuentes, an enthusiastic south-american singer who has never done metal before; the voice is a little unusual, but the reactions are positive; the band plays their first gigs and records a demo.

September 2003:
Pedro has to leave the band to return to Chile.

November 2003:
On the search for a new singer the band finds a keyboard player - Thomas Schwarz - instead; some songs are changed to fit the new line-up, new songs are written.

April 2004:
Christian Kulike (vocals) is done doing karaoke and joins the band.

Summer 2004:
The band plays a few gigs in the new line-up

October 2004/February 2005:
The band records the Demo "Diversity"

Winter 2006/2007:
The band records the Demo "Reflect"

Autumn 2008:
Thomas Schwarz (keyboards) and Stefan Lötsch (drums) leave the band for good.

November 2008:
Philipp Zschieschang on drums and Thomas Barz on keyboards complete the band again.

March 2010:
Thomas Barz (keyboards) leaves the band for his job.

September 2010:
Philipp Zschieschang (drums) leaves the band.

Dezember 2010:
Stefan Lötsch (drums) rejoines the band, but the search for a keyboarder continues.

Spring 2011:
Frank Rüttger (keyboards) completes the band again.

May 2012:
Job, family and a band seem to be too much for Frank Rüttger (keyboards) and he leaves the band.

January 2013:
Stefan Lötsch (drums) has to give up the band. We wish you all the best for the future!

February 2013:
Edgar Prochnow (drums) joins the band.